Meet Kelly

Hi there, I’m Kelly!

Do you ever think back to your childhood and now realize that you’ve always had a love for something? For me, that’s marketing. As a kid I loved studying TV commercials, making posters advertising our family garage sales, and of course running lemonade stands in the summer. I’ve always loved the world of marketing. I studied and graduated with degrees in Business Management and Business Marketing in college. I love studying the behaviors and patterns of consumers. In my free time you’ll find me reading books, listening to podcasts, and studying up on successful entrepreneurs and businesses. 

I’m a proud owner of a business called “Everyday Helper” that will be celebrating 5 years this summer! I’m also a published author and blogger. Throughout my career endeavors I’ve learned A LOT about marketing. I am constantly studying patterns, recording stats, and analyzing my own business strategy….there’s just so much you can learn!

I’d love the chance to chat with you, learn about your business ideas and see how I could help you be memorable and create lasting impressions.

Let’s chat!